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Enterprise Data Platforms

From pipeline ingestion to visual analytics, we offer comprehensive strategies that allow organizations to efficiently capture, store and utilize their data. We turn data into your most valuable asset.

Modernize | Democratize | Transform

An enterprise data platform is a centralized, integrated system that facilitates the management, storage, processing and analysis of large amounts of data across diverse functions and departments. While deciding on the right tools can feel overwhelming, it’s where Data Surge shines.

We offer data migration, modernization, pipeline APIs and lakehouse solutions to assist with your data platform decisions. Our experts partner with the most trusted and advanced technology companies, including Databricks, AWS and Azure, to design and implement a flexible, versatile system for a wide range of users.


Fosters effective data management

Provide a foundation for effective, efficient enterprise-wide data management. Break down department silos and reduce the friction in accessing data, allowing for better collaboration.

Enables data-driven decision-making

Facilitate enterprise-wide, advanced analytics with trustworthy data. By embracing a data-driven culture, your team will go beyond traditional reporting and make more proactive, impactful decisions.

Supports innovation and growth

Set your enterprise up for the future with a unified approach to exploiting data and a scalable architecture that can accommodate growing datasets and evolving business needs.

Our Specialties

01 Data Pipeline

Our data pipelines do more than just facilitate the flow of data transformation from various sources to a destination. Our flexible architecture with best-in-class technology applies simplified business logic, quality gates, continuous improvement/continuous deployment (CI/CD), automation and workflow.

02 Modern Data Stack

Confused about the different technologies available to address your technical and business requirements? We can help. Our data surgeons work with the best-in-class technology partners offering the most advanced solutions. A sample includes lakehouse, data mesh and data fabric offerings. Our approach unifies analytics and breaks down the data silos across the enterprise.

03 Data Governance: Quality Controls & Data Lineage

Data trustworthiness is critical to any data modernization initiative. We accomplish this by implementing quality gates, critical controls and data lineage strategies. Our solutions are customized and tailored to fit your technical expertise, requirements, timelines and budgets.

04 Data Migration

Data Surge works closely with our clients to ensure a seamless transfer of data from one system to another. We do this by maintaining accuracy, integrity and security throughout the entire process. We gain a comprehensive understanding of both legacy and modern solutions to minimize disruptions for the organization.

Our Approach

We carefully listen to gain an understanding of your objectives, technical abilities, timeline and budget. After defining the objectives and scope and assessing your current data landscape, we select the right technology stack. Our experts then:

  • Design your data architecture
  • Implement governance and security
  • Data integration and migration
  • Perform continuous integration and continuous development
  • Deploy infrastructure including automation
  • Measure and monitor data quality
  • Provide customized and comprehensive training
  • Test and validate
  • Document policies and procedures
  • Rollout to stakeholders
  • Continuous feedback loops with stakeholders